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Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University B.Sc Botany Paper I 2015 Question Paper

Are you searching for Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University Old Question Papers? Here is a question paper titled B.Sc Botany Paper I Diversity of Angiosperms: Systematics, Development and reproduction. This question paper was asked in the year 2015. Use this question paper for your upcoming exams.

Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University Question Paper
B.Sc. (Part II) Examination, 2015
Paper I
(Diversity of Angiosperms: Systematics, Development and reproduction)
Time allowed: Three Hours
Max. Marks: 50
Note: Attempt all the question as per given instructions.

Section- A
(Very Short Answer Type Questions)
Note: Attempt all the questions. Give answer of each question in about 50 words. 1*10=10

i) Bionomial Nomenclature
ii) Gamopetalae
iii) Define parthenogenesis
iv) Give the name of the elements of xylem and phloem
v) Give short description of periderm
vi) Endosperms
vii) P Maheshwari
viii) Apical meristem
ix) Botanical Survey of India(BSI)
x) Capitulum

Section B
(Short Answer Type Questions)
Note: Attempt all the questions. Give answer of each question in about 200 words. 5*5=25

Q2- Describes family cucurbitaceae.
Describe anatomical differences in a dicot and monocot stem of Angiosperm with the help of diagram.

Q3- Discuss the floral structure, floral diagram and floral formula of family Solanaceae and Apocynaceae.
What is cambium? Discuss its function and anomalies in stems.

Q4- Describe male gametophyte of angiosperms.
Give an account of anomalous secondary growth of any climbing plant studied by you.

Q5- Write short notes of the following:
i) Fertilization
ii) Anatropous ovule
i) Phyllodes
ii) Cladodes

Q6- Distinguish between the following:
i- Asteraceae and Rubiaceae
ii- Poaceae and Liliaceae
i- Malvaceae and Ranunculaceae
ii- Rosaceae and Rutaceae

Section C

(Long Answer Type Questions)
Note: Attempt all the questions. Give answer of each question in about 500 words. 2*7.5=15

Q7- Give main features of the classification proposed by Bentham and Hooker. Discuss merits and demerits of the classification.

Q8- Describe the preparation, preservation and Importance of herbarium. What will be the contribution of it in the taxonomy of angiosperms?

Q9- Draw labeled diagrams of T.S. Vanda root and T.S. of a dorsiventral leaf of a dicot plant.

Q10- Describe the method of fertilization in flowering plants and subsequent changes in ovule after fertilization.

Q11- describe the development of dicot embryo. Compare it with monocot embryo. 

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ICSE Class X English (Grammar) Important Questions 2010

ICSE Class X English (Grammar) Important Questions 2010
Looking for important questions that are asked in previous years for ICSE Class X examinations. Here is a collection of questions for the subject English (Grammar) for ICSE X classes. You can make use of these questions to prepare for upcoming ICSE public exams. Check out more details below and gather your question paper.

Exam Board: ICSE
Year: 2010
Subject: English (Grammar)

Q. 1. Rewrite the following sentences according to instructions given after each.
1. He really likes correcting her English. ( use pleasure)
2. It's not necessary to take a lot of luggage when going on holiday. (use Much)
3. Perhaps he hasn't received the doctor's results yet ( use may)
4. All I want you to do is to look after my dog. ( use care)
5. She was not certain about the trip ( use decide)
6. He locked the gate so that the dog wouldn't escape. ( use prevent)
7. They did not like to pay extra taxes. ( use objected)
8. The day was so nice that we went on a picnic. ( use such)
9. The only person I didn't see was Jane. ( use except)
10. She decided to visit her friend and tell her the news. ( use drop)
11. It wasn't necessary to meet me at the airport yesterday. ( use needn't )
12. It was unkind of you to talk to her like that. ( use not)
13. I saw the film although I strongly dislike thrillers ( use spite)
14. It's not possible to play tennis because of the rain. ( use makes)
15. I've never tasted such good food before. ( use ever)
16. Do your parents allow you to watch TV late at night? ( use let)
17. "Did you write a note for Anna?" I asked my mother. ( use she)
18. He gave me the money first, and then he left. ( use after )
19. I don't find it difficult to get up early any more. ( use used)
20. We have to reduce our expenses. ( use cut )
21. "Can you please explain this to me?" she asked the teacher. ( use if)
22. Perhaps he's working late. ( use may)
23. Nobody ever told me about it. ( use never)
24. "I'll pick him up from the airport," she said. ( use offered)
25. I was so shocked that I couldn't react. ( use wasn't)
26. People say Greek is a difficult language to learn. ( use said)
27. The police have investigated the crime. ( use by)
28. Without your help, I would never have managed. ( use you )
29. The manager made the employees stay late. ( use made)
30. When can their glory fade? ( use never)

Q. 2. Complete with the suitable prepositions:
1. The people are____the table____the dining room.
2. The stairs are____the bathroom____the second floor.
3. The bedroom is____the attic(room in roof) ____the third floor.
4. The washing machine is____the dryer.
5. The steps are in____ of the door.
6. The tools are____the peg(wooden nail) board.
7. The peg board is____the basement.
8. The basement is____ the house.
9. The cupboards are____ the counter.
10. The roof is____ the house.
11. The books are____the book case.
12. The woman is putting something____the oven.
13. The dresser is____the mirror.
14. The shelf is____the washing machine and table.
15. The box is____the table____the basement.
16. The dishes are____the china cabinet____the dining room.
17. The kitchen is____the first floor____the house.
18. The computer is____the room____the third floor____the attic
19. The play is____ Monday, ____ 9:30____ night
20. I study____ the morni8ng and work____ the afternoon.

1. He …takes pleasure in.. correcting her English.
2. You …don't need much / needn't take much / don't have to take much… luggage when going on holiday.
3. He ..may not have received.. the doctor's results yet.
4. All I want you to do is to ……take care of….. my dog.
5. She ……could not decide….. about the trip.
6. He locked the gate ……to prevent the dog (from).. escaping.
7. They ……objected to paying………. extra taxes.
8. It was …such a nice day…. that we went on a picnic.
9. I ………saw everyone except….. Jane.
10. She decided to …drop in on… her friend and tell her the news.
11. You ……needn't have met… me at the airport yesterday.
12. You …should not have talked… to her like that.
13. I saw the film in …spite of my strong dislike… of thrillers.
14. The rain ……makes it impossible…. to play tennis.
15. It is the …best food I've ever.. tasted.
16. Do your parents …let you watch…. TV late at night?
17. I asked my mother …whether/if she had written…. a note for Anna
18. He left ……after he had given me/after giving me….. the money.
19. I ……am used to getting…. up early.
20. The employees ……were made to stay late… by the manager
21. If ……you hadn`t helped me……. , I would never have managed.
22. The crime ……has been investigated by…… the police.
23. Greek ……is said to be a……. difficult language to learn.
24. I ………wasn't calm enough to…… react.
25. She …offered to pick him up….. from the airport.
26. I ………was never told…. about it.
27. He ……may be working…. late.
28. She asked the teacher ………if she could explain that……… to her.
29. We have to ………cut down on……….. our expenses.
30. Their glory can never fade

1. at , in
2. beside , on
3. under , on
4. beside
5. front
6. on
7. in
8. under
9. over
10. over
11. in
12. into
13. beside
14. between
15. on ,in
16. in ,in
17. on, in
18. in , on , below.
19. on , at ,at
20. in ,in

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Kuvempu University Library Information and Society Nov 2016 Question Paper

Looking for Kuvempu University Model Question Papers from past exam papers? Here is a previous year question paper for the subject Library Information and Society. This exam was held in the year Oct - Nov 2016. Get more details below and collect your question paper.

Name of the Board / University: Kuvempu University
Name of the Course: Bachelor of Library and Information Science
Title of the Question Paper: Library Information and Society
Year of the QP: October – November 2016
Maximum Marks: 85
Time: 3 Hours

Question Paper Download Link: Kuvempu University Library Information and Society Nov 2016 Question Paper in PDF

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IGNOU PHE-14 Mathematical Methods in Physics-III Dec 2016 Question Paper

IGNOU Question Paprers - Previous Years / Model Question Papers
No. of Printed Pages : 8
Question Paper Subject Code: PHE-14
Term-End Examination
December, 2016
Question Paper Serial Number: 01964
Subject: PHYSICS
Time : 2 hours Maximum Marks : 50
Note : Attempt all questions. The marks for each question are indicated

Attachments for IGNOU PHE-14 Mathematical Methods in Physics-III Dec 2016 Question Paper:

Click Here to Download IGNOU PHE-14 Mathematical Methods in Physics-III Dec 2016 Question Paper in PDF format

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TNPSC Group 4 / VAO Model Question Paper 21 [Dinathanthi]

Looking for TNPSC Group 4 & VAO Model Question Papers ? You will here download the all study materials related to TNPSC Group IV and VAO. We have here provided all latest model question papers published by various newspapers in Tamil Nadu. Here is one of the model question paper published by DINATHANTHI Newspaper dated 18th December 2017. Download the paper from the below section.

Name of the board: TNPSC
Exam : Group IV / VAO
Type of Study Material: Model Questions with Answers
Subject: General English (Literature) - Continuity
Date: 18th December 2017

Download Question Paper Image:

Source : DINATHANTHI newspaper dated 18th December 2017